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A week of swollen Eyes...

Good Morning in many, many languages.


From Sunday on we went to Beijing, and at Wednesday night, we came back to Japan.

I'm back, Japan! (*'∀ `)

It was cold in Beijing

Everybody, December has started.

At the end of the year, I think every day will be busy.

I wish, that the last month of the year 2016, the December,

will have peaceful and warm days.

【Shizuku (Water-drop) is again dyed in many various colours. (´ω`●) 】


(333th day of 2016)

[Shizuku, in the color of red pepper)

My right eyelid is going two-fold.

(TN: probably referring to the difference between "Monolid" and "Double Eyelid" .Asian people seem to be more aware about this feature as western)

In the morning, my right eye got heavier, immediately dry and then tears came…

When I was 18 years old, my eye went suddenly two-fold and it lasted for 2 years…

Here in Beijing, if you compare Beijing with Japan, the air gets colder and colder in the morning.

But, the morning sun has a beautiful orange color.

Seems like today’s weather will be good.

Yesterday, I ate spicy food.

I was fine, I guess…

From this night, I won’t eat it anymore.

A magnificent hamburger

It was tasty, but kind of…

I couldn’t finish it…

But to realize, I could eat the French fries…

And they were some tasty potatoes…

All right, with the strength of the potatoes, I shall give my best for tomorrow!


(334th day of 2016)

[Shizuku, in the color of Beijing's morning sun]

Day two of my two-fold eye and today too, my right eye is heavy…

I got a heavy face naturally, but it gets heavier…

But somehow it connects…good

But, teary eyes…

my eyes…. my eyes….

Today too, the morning sun has, from the gap between the buildings, a beautiful orange.

It gave me its look.

The staff, with whom we could finish today’s job without problems

-The clients, including the launch- The restaurant, in which it seems Spielberg got invited was way too amazing-Only thinking about that, my stomach went full.

I hope, that our wonderful work will be ready

Thank you very much.


(335th day of 2016)

[Shizuku, in the color of

'I ♡ Beijing']

Last day in Beijing;

Day three with my two-folded eye… it won’t heal…

In the last day, after we did the checkout, we went to the Tiananmen Square.

The scenery that I had seen on TV, in Reality is a much wider and bigger square.

While I was in Beijing…

To see new things and to experience, to feel the atmosphere of a different country, to feel the smiles and hearts and I felt, that the sky is somehow connected.

To the people, who took care of us, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks Beijing


When I was in airplane, I saw the movie (君の名は Your Name),

but I stopped my many tears from gratitude…

when I was home, I cried tearfully, even I could feel the excitement.

It really was a splendid work…

Maybe when the DVD is released, I'll end up buying it…

First thing I was grateful went I came back: Japan is hot…

Because the temperature in Beijing was low, I thought Japan was cold too,

but I was sweating…

I wonder, if my eye will return back…


(336th day of 2016)

[Shizuku in the color of Takoyaki]

Day four of my two-folded eye…What the…!! It won’t heal!!!

Normally, both eyes are two-or one folded (at the same time)

What could it be?

I feel really a discomfort…Heavy…

Return to the former state!!!!!!!!!

The sun has come up.

I somehow want to eat Takoyaki or something else…

It’s frozen food, but...

after all, it’s tasty…

I give my best for tomorrow, too.