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A week of Star-Water Tears

Good Morning in many, many languages.


This week was also a week in which my eyes were two-folded.

Apparently, my eyes are getting stronger…

It’s sort of hard to get use to the two-folded eye-

I might as well shoot out a beam like in X-Men.

Although is good…well…but it’s tough…

Always bearing sunglasses is also tough…

When he wakes up in the morning and if he misplaces the sunglasses,

he will burn a hole into the ceiling.

Sleeping nor being awake makes him feel stressed.

If his eyes are itchy and he will make his scrubby hands hurt…

I guess, this person has a hard life…

If I can get one power of the X-Men, I would take Wolverines

The ability to thicken your hair…




I would be like: ”ooooooooooooooooooo”

I excuse myself, already from Monday morning

【Shizuku (Water Drop) and Mozuku from the Water-Star (´ω`●)”】


(340th day of 2016)

[A Homesick Shizuku]

Yesterday, I came back at 3am…

it was a rainy night.

I woke up with my legs standing in the morning…terrific…

I wonder why today my legs are sore by muscle pain…

Yesterday morning, I went photographing, experienced a lot during the day, I wonder why…

I think, that will reach everybody’s eyes…it was hard…Tonight’s rain got stronger.

A very nice weather and a peaceful and warm weather.

I hope for a new warm week for everybody…


(341st day of 2016)

[There's a suspicious shadow behind Shizuku]

Today’s weather is also good.

The sun is warm.

Today my legs are still sore by the muscle pain.

My eye continued to be two-folded from last week.

When does this finally heal?

But, the wind was very strong today.

At the rooftop at the time of the sunset, it was cold, but the orange color of the setting sun was somehow very warm…


(342nd day of 2016)

[A suspicious Moja-Moja Shadow…]

I thought today would be a cloudy morning…

But I could see the blue sky and it will be a fine weather.

A three-colored little cake and French fries.

Today, I went home after it went dark.

Nowadays I can see the moon clearly.

To be able to see the moon makes my heart somehow calms down.


(343rd day of 2016)

[Shizuku, I am sort of sick of something]