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A small yellow aide

I soak in a bath everyday if possible.

I do it, to take the fatigue at hot times and to warm my body more at cold times. It's important to improve function of the internal organs.

When my body is chilled, I say, "GOKURAKU~(Paradise in English)".And I use the remaining hot water for doing the laundry. What is useful to do it, is this,"KERORIN Pail"

Now, there might be some other tools which can connect a bathtub to a washing machine, with a hose to move water easily, but I like to move water by one pail, so it is my daily work in the morning.

Because the bathroom is next to the washing machine in the same place, it's not a hard work.

I could say, it is about saving, but I have no intention of saving, in the first place. I don't save.

I don't save electricity. It's not ecological. Therefore, these words don't come to my mind.

I don't use wasteful things but I want to spend my money well, for good tools and food.

This daily work is one of them.

Like a magic hammer, the yellow pail is striking. .

"Furi Furi Kapon!"


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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