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We celebrate our 2nd. Birthday !

Already 2 years have passed since WORLD ORDER’s last Release, “Have a nice day" on December 17th 2014, and since our Fan Site went online for the first time.

On our second year of existence, we’ve continued working on our primary Goal: supporting and promoting the fantastic and awesome WORLD ORDER among the Non-Japanese Audience, all over the World.

It has been very satisfactory to see our Social Media Accounts have continuously gained Followers, going from 1000 to 1362 on Facebook, from 200 to 636 on Twitter, and from 800 to 1959 on Instagram.

During this year, we have worked in bringing the Fans more content, directly from the Source. The major highlight being the enormous privilege to visit and extensively reporting about the ART Exhibition in May, including our 2nd and this time Extensive Interview with the Group! And in this occasion, we were also able to present the Boys a little Sample of the Love of their global Fan Community, in the form of a FAN BOOK.

The Report of the Summer and new LIVE Shows ‘WORKING WORLD’ in August, including Pictures, Videos and Individual Mini-interviews was definitely the second highlight of the Year.

The communication and collaboration among Fans from all the world has been too, continuously growing during this year. Thanks to this global Fan Network, we have been able to follow all WORLD ORDER Events throughout the whole 2016, like the Special Edition Fan Tour in January, the Participation on the JAPAN EXPO in Thailand in February, the Fan Tour in June, the Show at the J-POP Summit in San Francisco in July, and finally the impressive proof of what Fan Power is capable of, with the hashtag Campaign #WOPV2016 in November.

So, Thank you very much to all the fellow Fans, for keeping this Fan Base growing with their continued support and love to our favourite Group.

At his point, I'd like to Thank our existing Collaborators: Kazumi, Ange, Tita and Ayumi, as well as our new ones: taro, Niki and Hiromi, for their work mainly translating the Member’s Diaries.

A very special THANK YOU goes to my closest Collaborator and good friend Kazumi san, whose unconditional support during my visits in Tokyo, as well as her work translating all kind of Content, made our Reports possible in the first place. Arigatou gozaimasu!

Of course, we owe a HUGE THANK YOU to WORLD ORDER’s Management, specially to Mr. Y. Mori, and the One and only Mr. Genki Sudô, for the trust they gave us, and for allowing us this close glimpse into the Group's World.

And last but not least: to the ones who touch our hearts with their Art:

Masato, Aki, Ucchy, Yusuke, Joony and Tomizo... THANK YOU !!

for your extraordinary work, for your humbleness, your attentions to the Fans…

and for simply being so awesome !

Also in 2017 we support you till the end!!



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