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Paying it forward

Some Japanese radish and turnips are produced from the field recently.

A Yuzu Tree at the edge of field, somehow looks very glad when I look. at it.

A small bud comes out, too, but the field has settled down considerably.

And I'm sorry for the long Lines.

The ambition of this year was to "Pay It Forward".

There was a movie, "PAY IT FORWARD", which I remembered all the time. The movie said that as a practical way to make the world better, "A person does a needed favor for three different people without being asked, and then ask them to do the same for three others".

No relation to the movie, I read a book of the Urban Permaculture and it said about "PAY IT FORWARD".

I wasn't able to do a great thing, and I thought I returned a favor first! but I moved to an action.

It was diff​e​rent from the ambition I ever had and difficult because it was a little subtle thing.

I think about money first because money is a big theme in my life.

One of the principles of "patagonia",

a company which I use all the time, is "1% FOR THE PLANET", which is to contribute 1% of sales to the environmentalist groups.

So I thought it in that way. "If I have something fun or happy, I'll donate even small amount of money to the reliable place." It's to give someone a piece of my happiness. Actually the best way to "pay" is an action, but an easy way to do it, is also important, so​ ​I made that rule.

Do you think you buy something expensive for yourself but don't want to pay even 100 Yen to something that brings no profit for you?

I have been thinking about that, too.

I think the culture of donation, roots in the area of the Christian religion and Islam, but it may not be popular for Japanese. There are many doubtful groups, so I chose carefully where to donate.

The​ environment ​is important for me, but treating lives of animals is also important. When I learned Gandhi's words, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated", I thought, in the current state, the moral in Japan is low because of slaughter disposition of dogs and cats, killing of Deers and wild boars as harmful animals, and issues of Asiatic black bears too.

Yuriko Koike, new Governor of Tokyo, has election promises which include no pet killing, so I hope she will keep them.

I seem to have wandered from subject a little; Money is important to live, but donation may be more useful than having money.

As I thought about it that way, it was good not to think about where my money went.

It's a little complicated. But if you are glad when someone does you a favor, you want to do someone else a favor. I think everybody has ever thought about that.

I was happy to please WORLD ORDER fans, and was secretly glad to make somebody different happy through it.

I think a small thing is good enough. I can pay good things forward, not unpleasant things.


Hayato Uchiyama

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