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Good-bye and Thank you!

Good Morning in many, many languages.


This weekend was Christmas.

Everybody were able to spend a warm Christmas? that would be good…

I wonder, if Santa brings the .wonderful presents through a gentle wind



(354th day of 2016)

["W Switch" ON !]

Today I had a first experience, when I sat in the bus going home.

By no means, the bus driver mistook the place where he

he normally should have turned. and went straight.

Confused he took the microphone and said: “No, it was wrong

” (゜▽゜●)/”

The moment, when I thought

I've taken the wrong bus,

I look around for a moment,

I was scared for a short duration.

There are such things like that…Probably, the bus driver thought about the side dishes of his dinner. “Today,Hamburger, Fried Chicken and Miso, what shall I do?”“Alright! I decide in the supermarket. If I enter the bonus, I will get excited…excited…"

Nice though, bus driver.

Thank you for the Waku-doki.

If it’d be me, I'd do more mistakes, but I don’t think, we need playful bus drivers like him.

Well, the start of a wonderful week!Let’s have a bowl of rice and tomorrow, we give our best!!


(355th day of 2016)

[After one second]

Since yesterday, the weather’s got a little warmer.

Today’s sky is calm, too and the temperature also rises.

Today I will roll out the batting cotton and torn cords, and remove all 12 buttons from the Noriboro N3B coat;

I repaired tears and fissures also by hand sewing, sewed the cord again and forgot my meal until all was repaired...

(゜ロ゜●;) ”

I didn’t eat a lot of meals today…

I ate a potato late in the night and then slept.

Thanks, potato. I will wear this to the rehearsal tomorrow!!


(356th day of 2016)

[2 seconds later…]

Today’s temperature is somewhat high…

Today, I felt refreshed after

I prepared my hair with clippers, scissors and thinning scissors before I went out.

After that, I had the mushroom hair like The Beatles.

If I don’t put anything on,

I am like an old man with beard and mushroom.

Afterwards I prepared miso soup before my departure, because I will come home late today.

The town has a lot of illuminations...

At the lottery counter in Shinbashi, it was a long queue.. .

What a mood at the end of the year.

Walking through the town and the rehearsal today, when I come back home, there is Miso…

Let’s give our best!!


(357th day of 2016)

[15 minutes later…scene…]

Old man with the mushroom and beard, to the passport center…faaaaaar awaaay!!!!

By the way, the photo in my passport until today is one from 10 years before…

With a yellow t-shirt, beard is bruce the photo looks like Bruce Lee with beard…beard Lee…

From now on, the Old-Man-with-Beard-and-Mushroom…. translates to Hijiki,,,why!

I found a cat with flowing hair today…

Today is also warm, so you can relax outside, right?

And the tattered collection, those 2 are sort of old, but it is a coat I bought in a second hand shop two or three years ago.

As I thought, I like those…

Today, it was a strong wind since afternoon, but it was a warm Thursday…


(358th day of 2016)

[Wow... there you are!!!!]

It is warm today…..

I went out in light clothes!!!

I arrived one and half hours earlier because I got the time wrong…. It will probably be dark by the time I come home….…..Finished….well….

We finished earlier than usual….

The sky looked amazing.

The slanting rays of sunset broke through the heavy clouds in the sky….that looked wonderful.

I bought pork, Kimchi, bean sprouts and tofu on the way home.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve