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Talking rice

I usually eat brown rice at home - if I don't have enough time to dip into water, I eat half-polished rice - , but I used to eat 10%-polished rice, not half-polished rice for a while.

You think 10%-polished is "almost brown rice" but it's totally different with or without a piece of husk.

I want to take in the whole nourishment from brown rice, but when I don't have enough time, I don't eat brown rice.

I originally began to eat brown rice to take in nourishment. I first thought polished rice was more delicious than brown rice, but now when it's not brown rice, I'm not satisfied. I mixed wild rice like black rice, red rice, green rice, and even AWA, HIE and so on.

I like HATSUSHIMO as the base rice. Other than that, ISE-HIKARI, TOYOSATO, and I knew AGRICULTURAL AND FORESTRY No. 22 as I met SAKUMA GRASS GARDEN. Each rice is different in appearance and tastes and fragrance of steam when I cook it, too. The difference is natural but it's fun. Now, my body is mostly made of HATSUSHIMO.

And I'll leave the talk of rice varieties. Speaking of New Year holidays is speaking of rice cakes (Mochi). But it is slightly dull if it's white rice cake. My favorite rice cake is brown rice cake of IZUMO BIJIN.

I want to chew and chew and chew rice cakes.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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