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A cold start of the Year

Good Morning in many, many languages.


It’s the second Monday of the year and a holiday.

To think of it, the world has three consecutive holidays.

The air will be cold on those days.

Everybody shall eat warm nice food

after the stomach got exhausted by the warm new year…

Your name...( Reference to the Movie Title)


(2nd. day of 2017)

[Ehm…the way that bird flies is weird…]

While being at home and relaxed, I received your letters.

Thank you very much for all the warm feelings.

Thank you very much for all the nice feelings which give my heart strength.

I hope, that the warm wind will reach everybody this year.

I will live to the utmost.

I hope, that in the year 2017, everybody will stay healthy, laugh and cry a lot,

and live straight forward,

and that it will be a wonderful year.


( of 2017)

[to the sky…]

Today at my parent’s home, everybody was so noisy.

Ryosuke and whatever blade?? They did a lot of face to face showdowns, but what on earth did they fight for?

Ryosuke mimicked the eyebrow of my mother and then one eyebrow got shaved…

It became a strange eyebrow, like a troublemaker’s one.

Meanwhile, Miu-chan did not know, but the “Love Dance” became trendy nowadays.

She seemed to remember it perfectly, after I showed it to her. I wonder, if she will become an E-Girl.

She gives her best at dancing.

I wonder, if that little 4th. grader and this year's shiny 1st. grader

will still play with me next year…


(4th day of 2017)

[ (Bear: wait….what…a bird!?) (Bird: This bird is injured…) ]

Thank you very much for the birthday Video.

It was a warm feeling at the moment, seeing the movie at that day.

I became unaware of my age, year after year, after passing the age of 30.

But I clearly realized that I am 38 years old.

Today, I became 38 years old.

Soon, I will become 40 years old, which my body won’t get out of the tiredness,

but in the year of my age of 38,

I think, I will be able to deliver a warm wind without change.

Please, treat well this 38 year old Jiiji (affectionate Name for Grandpa),



(5th day of 2017)

[ (Bird: Filling up the wound…) (Bear: Something is sitting on the feathers…) ]

The weather today is also cold.I left early this morning and came back to Kawasaki Daishi.

I wonder, if the people also settled down…

But compared to the usual, there are so many people…

Here nowadays is every year great luck and this year has also great luck.

I took a smoke bath and prayed for the offers in the whole Daishi. I hope you will feel a lot of gentle wind this year ...