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Climbing to the Top!

I went to Tokyo tower thinking I was going to climb its stairs. But, "the stairs" to the observatory are open only on Weekend and holidays.

Still, the view from Tokyo Tower was very beautiful. I can also understand why it is loved by everybody.

Not only appearance, but also the view seen from inside the tower is wonderful.

And I passed the preliminary screening for SASUKE 2017. The Second selection will be held on the weekend. I do not know how I prepare for it, tension just rises. (Laugh)

For now, I am staying as usual. This must be fate, so, I will do my best without regret.

Recently, I am working on moving my body, furthermore, moving the way I want. .

In order to move the body freely, not only muscle strength, but also good coordination and flexibility are necessary.

What I most want now is flexibility; My flexibility of movement is quite high. It seems to fall into the category of good coordination.

I just want body flexibility, so I’ll do some stretching.

Tokyo Tower is a landmark from any angle, isn’t it?


Takashi Jonishi

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Kindly Translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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