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Warming up

This week has been cold!

The days of cold until the bone continue.

However, I have found what makes my heart warm.

Puccho Ice-Bar”

My favorite Puccho Soda Bar is the Ice Cream Sort.

With this, I can bid the Cold Farewell !

It’s real food

Yup. Quite… sort of...

Although in general, the Puccho-Soda flavour cannot be matched.

And I’ve found another thing to like.

“Yoshimura's Pot Soup"

As for this, I haven’t eaten it yet, but when really cold days should come, my body and my heart will be warmed up.

That's why, everybody, please enjoy yourself this weekend, in order not to be defeated by the cold.



Ryuta Tomita

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Translated by: Ani,


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