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Good Morning in many, many languages.


From Friday to Sunday, it got warm in the weekend.

Like always, the air in the morning and in the evening was cold.

My room, which is always cold like a freezer,

got warm around like a refrigerator with the warmth of the daytime.

It’s easier to live like this..

How’s everybody else?

I hope for a warm weekend.

Your name...( Reference to the Movie Title)


(23rd day of 2017)

[ Safe landing…what a relief…]

In the morning, I ate Dojima Rolls with strawberries and departed.

It was very very cold today, but the Monday’s weather was nice.

My pants and hat was completely like a cowboy.

I remember, that I watched the NHK show “Young riders” with my grandmother back then.

Anyway, I'd like to go out with a horse but I can’t do it so I go by bus and train.

Today I bought bread ¥ 700 and went back home this week is the “bread-week”

The new week starts warm!


(24th day of 2017)

[I am tired….floating]

The sun today shone and it was cold, but the sky was completely clear.

Today on my way home, I bought two bread filled with potatoes and Miso soup (Tofu and Udon)

It seems, that this menu will stay this week.

I guess, it will be a full bread week…



(25th day of 2017)

[ I saw that in a dream….?]

Good weather today!

In the evening, continuing from yesterday, it will be potato bread, Nugget, Tofu, Udon and Miso soup.

After 7pm, I got a call from my hometown, but there was a cute voice, it was a call from Ryousuke.

"Hey, I want to play a game…”

I share my DS with him…

But, when I watched him playing, I thought that he is very good.

I played Famicon and Super Famicon just a little bit, also I am not good at games, so I learned a lot from him.

Thanks Ryosuke.


(26th day of 2017)

[ But…]

I woke up this morning coughing and then a sound came out…

A strained back…


I can`t move…

I became walking like a zombie….

But I have to go ...

And then the zombie went to town... But I can’t walk fast ...

My upper body hurts by the vibration of the bus and train...

My face, when I was alone was expressionless, but because of the pain, my mind screamed in a big voice...

So the moment I got home, I was so relieved, I wanted to cry… (There was no time to relief with a strained back, but it was a moment, where I could say that.)

I groaned alone in my room, it was like a zoo..

Everyone, Take care to not have a cough and a strained back…



(27th day of 2017)

[There is a... scar on the wing... ]