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Cold, SASUKE & Healing Fish...

Good Morning in many, many languages.


This week, I felt the coldness in my house again.

A cold one week. Snow fell too, everybody got a cold?

I won’t get cold and won’t getting sick.

Please take care

Your name...( Reference to the Movie Title)


(37th day of 2017)

[What…what… the scenery disappears…

The last morning in Taiwan,

I will return to Japan today. Saying goodbye to Mrs. Lee, the staff from the hotel, who took care of us and stayed with us,

made me startled, but I was happy to meet a lot of great people.

I have not been able to fully enjoy the city of Taiwan this time, so I will come back someday.

Thank you very much Taiwan.

It was the second time in an airplane, in which I watched [Your name...].I was so moved

I shed tears.

Thank you to everyone who greeted us at the airport.

It is still cold in Japan ...

When I got off the train, it was cold…

My house is chilly and cold ...

But it was a warm starting Monday.


(38th day of 2017)

[…your turn…well]

Things I think, which are strange…

As always, when I go overseas, come back home and go to a convenience store, there are always products of that country lined up… I also encountered that mystery today: Taiwanese bowls were lined up ...

I always yearn for that mystery ... but I wonder why ...

Such mysteries always happen…It probably I became so sensitive that I notice such things, but…

I think it’s strange to pinpoint it.

I bet you all have similar experiences ... I wonder

After all, Japan is cold, the house is cold...I realized that I came back again ....

Airplanes are amazing, they are carrying warm memories while passing time ...

It’s probably the same with other vehicles, but it is strange that time is minus 1 hour back from the future...

I came back with warm memories filled in full within one hour...

Today at dusk, the sky had a gentle colour illuminated by orange.


(39th day of 2017)

[What…now… I felt, that I dreamt for a moment]

Today, in the train

"With beard = Aki-san

Without beard = Aka chan​"

(TN: Akachan means Baby)

I almost burst out laughing when I saw this comment.​​


(Note: Refers to Comment on last Diary)

Today I bought 4 bread- and

6 tofu pieces on my way back home…

Walking the way home, plum blossoms were beautifully blooming...

In the evening I made miso soup and warmed my body in a cold room.

(Note: The Picture from Tuesday is also posted twice on the original Diary)


(40th day of 2017)

[hm…what a beautiful feather…]

Forecast for today: snow…

It was rainy here, but cold,

even in the night, the cold rain was constantly raining all day.

In such a night, I felt warmth just by looking at the orange colour of the frozen pizza and nuggets in the oven.

Then I ate miso soup with a cracked rice cookie.

Actually, the Kabuki fried food is delicious, but I only got 2 crackers…


(41st day of 2017)

[I had to go up the stairs again...]