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I love Taiwan!

Good Morning in many, many languages.


It’s a little bit late, but we are back in Japan.

A new week starts and it’s also the start of February.

With the new month, we went to Taiwan.

I guess, Taiwan is warmer than Japan.

Everytime I ask somebody about Taiwan, they say it’s nice and that’s true.

The first time in Taiwan we got greeted with a warm welcome and I couldn’t stop smiling.

Taiwan, the people and their gentle smiles were really great.

I couldn’t get a “I♡TAIWAN ” T-shirt, but I got all the warm feelings.

Thank you I♡TAIWAN

Your name...( Reference to the Movie Title)


(30th day of 2017)

[ There are recently only news about him…]

The Mont Blanc, I received, was sweet, I couldn’t finish it.

But today is Monday with a warm and sunny start.

Today I am fine with light clothes.The sun today shone brightly, the colour of the sky and the colour at the weekend were like the Saturday.

Let’s all feel the soft wind of the new week!

Have a great week! .\(* ´∀`\)”


(31st day of 2017)

[Oh, well, but ehm…]

Today’s sun has also the colour of the weekend.

Yesterday morning, the right side of my beard stood up,

I shaved it…

At the moment, I did it, I noticed, that the attachment was off.

(ノ д <●)”) Ah ah…

But, I live as “Bald-Beard Hiro”,

in the short moment, when I went out yesterday morning, thinking it would be fine like that.

37304649 (Minasama yoroshiku) please treat me well…




(32nd day of 2017)

[Fire killer whale witnessed!!!]

Today’s sun too, is shining bright and a blue sky.

Today I got 3 small croquettes, which I received in a bowl and a sugar toast.

If I had a bowl of croquettes…

I wonder how many I'd eat…Tomorrow, we will take leave to Taiwan, in the morning, from Haneda.

I look forward to Taiwan…

I have to go to early today…

But there times, I couldn’t fall asleep…

In such a case, I close the eyelids and then close the eyes in the eyelids..

In such a case close the eyelids and close one's eyes in the eyelids ...

Let’s count french fries…......



(33rd day of 2017)


Today, while dreaming a lot,

I woke up many times until I finally woke up at 4 am.

Then I prepared and went to Haneda Airport.

From now until Monday, I will be in Taiwan.

It seems, that at the Lantern Festival, the overseas artists appear for the first time…

Even at the airport, passing through the gates, from the camera, there were garlands for every new happening.

An Interviewer and the 2017 Taiwan Mascot-Bear character met us in the airport and interviewed us…

I didn’t know it at all, so I was surprised and also had a mysterious feeling…

We then checked in at the Hotel Caeser Park Taipei…

The hotel staff were also in a welcoming mood…

My hotel room is Spanish!

HOLA! \ (゜▽゜*)”

I will enjoy the next 3 days starting from tomorrow!!

Thank you everyone in Taiwan!!!