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The Motivation for SASUKE

Last Saturday, was a recording of SASUKE 2017.

Look forward to the result, on the broadcast (^ ^)

I learned a lot from SASUKE this time. Of course, I was able to strengthen the physical ability (mainly jumping ability). Moreover, I learned the importance of challenging.

And I’m very happy that so many people have supported my challenge.

Now, I’ll tell you something a bit serious. m(._.)m

In the first place, the reason why I decided to apply for SASUKE is actually, that my father was diagnosed with cancer at the end of last summer.

When the cancer was found, it was stage 4, the terminal stage. His sudden diagnosis of cancer took all hope away from me. I was left only with a sense of despair.

However, my Father never gave up hope and continued to fight against his disease in a positive way.

I wanted to encourage such a Father even if only slightly. To the Father, who happily watched WORLD ORDER on the TV every time we’d appear, I wanted to show an energetic performance in SASUKE;

So, with these thoughts in mind, I decided to participate.

But my Father passed away, last December.

So the motivation to compete in SASUKE disappeared for a while.

But, when I talked to my Father's friends and colleagues, everyone was talking happily about him that I didn’t know.

In other words, my Father is alive in the minds of people he had been involved with until now, as well as in my heart. I think so.

So, if I’m active, in order that those people won’t forget my father, they may remember him as “Joony’s Dad”. If so, I need to work harder than ever.

Coming to think like that, I decided to try SASUKE again.

Now, thanks to your support, I can say “I am a very happy person.”

although I thought “I am a very unhappy person” before.

Truly, I appreciate it.

Even now, I still dream about Bonita. (A dog who was our family member, before)

Remembering my Father’s last moments, after his fierce fight with cancer, makes my Heart feel crushed. Recently, I only wear black. It doesn’t mean I dress like Ninja. Wearing black for mourning relieves a little, my sorrow for the loss of Bonita, my Father and other loved ones, Of course, I like Ninja and The Matrix (LOL).

Sometimes I feel so sad, but I am very happy to feel that I’m supported by your kindness.

Everybody have some kind of pain.

It is not necessary to think only you are unhappy. Happiness is always depending on our state of mind

I’ll keep on trying. I would appreciate if you could watch me warmly.


Takashi Jonishi

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