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A certain rumor

It has been cold days recently. Did anyone catch a cold?

It snows sometimes in Tokyo so it is important to protect yourself against cold weather. (*^^*)

At my house, I broke my favorite electric stove when I was absorbed in dancing, so I had spent time feeling very cold at my house for the time being;

But finally I bought such a breakthrough item as new electric heater at very low price. I will be able to spend the left winter days with warm for both my body and wallet.

Then, the atmosphere has become warm at last, so let's do something we use to do regularly.

"Ma-kun's rumor expedition!." (TN: Probably meaning peculiar Names)

This very popular project has come to live again!!

This is a popular project that wants to experience what is rumored somewhere in the streets.

This time is :

"Chikko rice burger "

"Dandelion coffee "

When you see only the names, maybe you can't understand.

So I made a charge.

These are the products...

"Chico Rice Burger"

It is a burger of rice."

Does "Chikko" mean "small " ?

"Lettuce and fried egg were sanded with nice balance so I , who was really hungry, ate the dishes energetically. There were Pickled vegetables and Miso soup with it, and I spent a marvelous time.

"Dandelion coffee

"This dish is also a very tasty one.

The good smell spread in my mouth and the sense that my cold body got warm gradually was as if I woke up.

And the sweets made of black sesame and honey readily melting into mouth and their harmony seemed to play the melting of cold winter.

I really enjoyed the meal.

※This is my personal opinion.

Then, I gather your thoughts about " A certain rumor" at this project.

Please tell me if you have any idea of some rumors on the street. (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎

By the way, the time of cold winter has left a little!

Let's spend every day with full energy so as not to catch a cold!!!!



Masato Ochiai

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Kindly Translated by: Ayumi (Thanks a lot!)

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