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Into the Spring

The first spring storm has blown.

It has come to an midway point in February and Spring will come soon.

When I saw the sky the day before, it looked like the sky of Summer season, so I took instinctively took pictures of it.

I, who is looking forward to events only in Winter and Summer, don't know so much how to enjoy Spring. Although I go to see cherry blossoms every year ...

By the way everyone, "Spring" for you?

Teach me, please!

I suffer from hay fever but I would like to spend the left Winter days full with energy. ♬

"Capricious comment reply""

The time of comments reply" has come ! I'll reply comments of my diary on last week.

-Dan Miyu→ I recommend Rice Burger. Please use this Emoticon when you feel excited. (ਊ ਊ)

-Kerosuke →I felt the greatness of culture through my body and mind. LOL As for dandelion coffee, I was not able to find differences between dandelion coffee and normal one. I will practice!

-ERN→Wow Chikko has such an origin of the name. I learned a lot!Thanks so much! ^_^

-Arisa →It will end soon the real power of winter. It will get warmer and warmer day by day. Actually I would suffer from hay fever so next season would be hard for me. LOL

-Haduki →I like animals! But I have not visited hedgehog's caffe yet, though I had studied about it. I will report when I visit it.

-Umekichi →Thanks for the information! I like bread too, so would like to check it! There's also Shaved ice! ^_^

-Asuka →In fact I've already eaten curry rice of slime. It's hard to accept the looks but... the taste was so so nice. LOL.

The taste of Dishes is important, but appearance is as well, I think. LOL

So, let's enjoy the last days in February!!!


Masato Ochiai

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Kindly Translated by: Ayumi (Thanks a lot!)

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