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A steamy experience

We came for Shooting to Nagoya !

As expected, the food was delicious, and the city, easy to walk !

And, this time we could feel the generous and gentle personality of the people, and had an enjoyable time. Sometimes, although you put all our energy to the task, for different reasons it can turn out difficult.

I guess so.

So, to pass the time in Nagoya during this interval, I decided to go to the Sauna!

This was a so called “Woods-Sauna” because it reproduces the Finnish sauna: it’s not dark, it has no TV, and it has Birch Branches called Vihta, which provided a Forrest Scent. Moreover, you can produce Löyly (TN: finnish word for hot water steam) with Hot Stones which evaporate the Water, by yourself !

It had also a Löyly Stretch, a cold deep water bath, and an Ice Sauna.

So, this has turned into a Sauna Exposition, I will finish it by just saying it was a

“well arranged” Experience.

In the World, the “Premium Friday” begins, an and I think for some people it will finish quickly, but just in order to get ready for the weekend!



Ryuta Tomita

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Translated by: Ani,


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