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Enjoy Spring in Nagoya

We've been to Nagoya!

And I visited Komeda's Coffee main house in my unoccupied hours. ^ - ^

I refrained from "Shironowaru" and ate a limited one; I was able to work on the shooting full with energy.♫

I hope you are looking forward to it!

By the way, Thank you for a lot of answers about "What is Spring for you".

As I had thought, many people answered "cherry blossom viewing". ~(゚∀゚)

There was a few answers about "Marathon".

The temperature of this season is suitable for running, ~

I feel. People tend to become ill at the time of season change so I'd like to exercise moderately and welcome Spring. (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎

Now it's the time of the 2nd, half of February!

Shall we enjoy every day?


Masato Ochiai

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Kindly Translated by: Ayumi (Thanks a lot!)

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