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Back to the younger days...

Good Morning in many, many languages.


It's the beginning of a new week ...

What kind of last week did you all had, I wonder.

For me it was… a kind of… youthful week

I wonder when the spring will come ...

This year too, I hope beautiful cherry blossoms will bloom…

Your name...( Reference to the Movie Title)


(51st day of 2017)

[… the whole…. City… is gone…]

Today, since the afternoon,

a terrible wind

The blue sky, empty of clouds, being carried by the strong wind.

In a blink of an eye, the clouds

are stirred up by the wind, all sorts of sounds from the outside...

…«Brooom»… Something blown off…

«wheeooo -wheeoooo-wheeooo» the wind seems to be howling…

The room’s Door and the bathroom’s window

Are opened by the north wind with a “kiiiiiii”

And shut with a “batan”, going back and forth…

I better close them properly ...

Feeling such wind even inside the house…

Today, we have warm weather again.

Monday begins with a second Spring.


(52nd day of 2017)

[All… I thought… was…]

This morning, a Sparrow outside the bathroom’s window

comes tweeting to visit me

I wonder what he's saying

“Yesterday the wind was dreadful… Today is completely calm; Me too, I’m full of energy

and ready to fly properly!”…

I wonder if he’s saying such things…

Today, again, I bought 3 Tofu pcs.

The card has been improved,

and you can now earn Points…

so, to get the best value,

I’ll buy and eat again and again

the same kind of Tofu

Slowly I will turn into.. I wonder what…

A Youkai-Tofu Jijii ! That’s it!

A Youkai -Jiiji made of Tofu !!!

From this year on…

What kind of Tofu will I buy?... just Youkai

Watch out for Japan’s 1st.

Yokai-Tofu-Jijii (YTG38)!

It was such a Tuesday.

Let’s go! !!


(53th day of 2017)

[There is… no time… for crying…]

Leaving home at 5: 00 AM, fingertips are almost freezing

Chilly Wednesday morning, cold…

From Today on, it will be our 2nd.time in Nagoya this year…

Yesterday at my Parent’s house, mixing something hardly,

Miu-chan ... sleepy ...

I think she’s making Slime,

it seems ... Slime making it is…

The Akafuku I brought the other day as souvenir, Miu-chan

seems to have eaten… the most of it

I wonder if Ryosuke also had some.

Let’s buy some more and come back again.


(54th day of 2017)

[Run!! Little Hope!!]

Our second day in Nagoya...

I woke up many times in the middle of last night.I had to wake up at 4:00am this morning...

Oh no….I am wondering what kind of day we will have….

Aki Jiji (myself) is going to do his best!!

I was exhausted, but I had a wonderful day today.

I ate a fried shrimp sandwich after I got to the hotel. That was very tasty.

So...I would like to stop by for the freshly made sandwich again sometime.