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Back to the younger days...

Good Morning in many, many languages.


It's the beginning of a new week ...

What kind of last week did you all had, I wonder.

For me it was… a kind of… youthful week

I wonder when the spring will come ...

This year too, I hope beautiful cherry blossoms will bloom…

Your name...( Reference to the Movie Title)


(51st day of 2017)

[… the whole…. City… is gone…]

Today, since the afternoon,

a terrible wind

The blue sky, empty of clouds, being carried by the strong wind.

In a blink of an eye, the clouds

are stirred up by the wind, all sorts of sounds from the outside...

…«Brooom»… Something blown off…

«wheeooo -wheeoooo-wheeooo» the wind seems to be howling…

The room’s Door and the bathroom’s window

Are opened by the north wind with a “kiiiiiii”

And shut with a “batan”, going back and forth…

I better close them properly ...

Feeling such wind even inside the house…

Today, we have warm weather again.

Monday begins with a second Spring.


(52nd day of 2017)

[All… I thought… was…]

This morning, a Sparrow outside the bathroom’s window

comes tweeting to visit me

I wonder what he's saying

“Yesterday the wind was dreadful… Today is completely calm; Me too, I’m full of energy

and ready to fly properly!”…

I wonder if he’s saying such things…

Today, again, I bought 3 Tofu pcs.

The card has been improved,

and you can now earn Points…

so, to get the best value,

I’ll buy and eat again and again

the same kind of Tofu

Slowly I will turn into.. I wonder what…

A Youkai-Tofu Jijii ! That’s it!

A Youkai -Jiiji made of Tofu !!!

From this year on…

What kind of Tofu will I buy?... just Youkai

Watch out for Japan’s 1st.

Yokai-Tofu-Jijii (YTG38)!

It was such a Tuesday.

Let’s go! !!


(53th day of 2017)

[There is… no time… for crying…]

Leaving home at 5: 00 AM, fingertips are almost freezing

Chilly Wednesday morning, cold…

From Today on, it will be our 2nd.time in Nagoya this year…

Yesterday at my Parent’s house, mixing something hardly,

Miu-chan ... sleepy ...

I think she’s making Slime,

it seems ... Slime making it is…

The Akafuku I brought the other day as souvenir, Miu-chan

seems to have eaten… the most of it

I wonder if Ryosuke also had some.

Let’s buy some more and come back again.


(54th day of 2017)

[Run!! Little Hope!!]

Our second day in Nagoya...

I woke up many times in the middle of last night.I had to wake up at 4:00am this morning...

Oh no….I am wondering what kind of day we will have….

Aki Jiji (myself) is going to do his best!!

I was exhausted, but I had a wonderful day today.

I ate a fried shrimp sandwich after I got to the hotel. That was very tasty.

So...I would like to stop by for the freshly made sandwich again sometime.

(55th day of 2017)

[Even if I have a hard time...even if I'm sad...even if

I'm about to be discouraged…

I'm going to smile...I will smile through my tears….because I am their hope….

Run everybody….!!! Run everybody…!!!]

Our third day in Nagoya... I got 2 boxes of Akafuku with no problems.

I woke up at 4:00am this morning… my long day started since then…., but it turned a wonderful day with lots of smiles and warmth. It is good to be in Nagoya.

There is a lot of tasty food and many warm-hearted people.

I had a great time in Nagoya with warmth. For everything, for everybody... I appreciate all the people who helped us. To everyone who was involved in this project, I hope that your spirits join together and form a wonderful shape…

By the way, I am wondering if there were any people who had a Premium Friday…

I had a super premium Friday, filled with warmth. I hope you all had a warm, peaceful weekend...


(56th day of 2017)

[Stumble over something...flop...oh no...I can’t...reach anybody...]

Last night, when I went to my parents’ house to give them some Akafuku, Miu and Ryosuke came out cheerfully, and they said “Yay, Akafuku!!”...

I am glad to see their smiles.

Miu touched me with sticky hands covered in bean paste and rice cake….Ryosuke wanted to come into my arms, and asked me for a piggyback ride…

How about the game??

He usually asks me to play a game with him as soon as he sees my face…

No matter how tired I am, they try to tackle me… but that also comforts me...

Today, I went to the high school in Yokohama with Ma kun and Tomizo san for work.

Three men with beards...went to… our teen years…..youth…

I spent my youth obsessed with soccer, performance and dance after school….Gym, classrooms… It reminds me of my school days.

High school students and middle school students danced energetically with smiles…

They cheered me up today. Thank you.

I would like to have a warm heart, even when I grow old.

The springtime of life is forever. Let’s live with warmth!!

To have a cup of coffee on my way back home...I went into a coffee shop around the station….

An ordinary coffee shop…. It reminded me of the one scene in “Abunai Deka”.

Somehow I felt comfortable….

I will come back again!!


(57th day of 2017)

[My friend is crying...Let’s Go, Pochi!! Let's go across time….Ruff!]

(Even if it is a little voice of hope...for the warm feelings to be carried by the end of the end of the universe…)

In the morning, there was a chirping sparrow outside of the bathroom window. It showed me its cheerful face again today.

The sunshine was like Sunday’s sunshine; the sky and the air were the color of Sunday.

I felt like I was jetlagged today because I couldn’t sleep well this week. I wonder if everyone had a warm weekend…

I hope you all had a wonderful week.

Good work everyone, for last week…

So, it is the beginning of a new week.

May each day and each hour of the new week be filled with peace and warmth as usual…

May a gentle wind always blow softly into everyone's heart…

It is going to be okay,

it is going to be alright.

The wind has blown.

Let’s try our best to live fully! !!(*´∀`)/ Dorya

【Remember to keep kindness and a warm heart. May a smiling wind blow throughout the world…It is going to be okay, we will be there for each other!!】

For the new week…

Look up to the sky and take a big deep breath....

To the Premium MONDAY...

one step....

Off we go!! !!!ヽ(´∇`●)/ ahaha

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Translated by: Hiromi. (Thanks a lot!)


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