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A mysterious flood...

Good Morning in many, many languages.



and last year, on our Summer shows,

we appeared with AKB48…

This year we start working together with

Kitagawa Ringo, Adachi Yuna, Kitano Ruffa, Hidaka Yasushi,

Haruka Kumakazi, Shigeko Matsumoto and Sana Sakatera,

all 7, Members of SKE48, on a new Music Video.

This time, for the rehearsals of the Videos,

we had to ride all together for long time in a rented Bus….

Sounds like fun when I say it…

Like a Bus School-Excursion. In reality everybody was,

as usual Busy with various kinds of work.

We were shooting continuously from early in the morning,

so it was quiet when we ride long distance ...

When I saw things like laughing, candy… Being Merry…

Somehow, I remembered a junior high school school trip.

I was shy of talking to girls at that time ...

If we were the same age, I would surely fall in love.

They were such nice 7 people.

To the Fans of AKB48 and also SKE48, I really appreciate your support.

For this MV, we have cooperated with various female dancers from last year,

Repeated trial and error Then SKE48 joined us,

and only then It took form for the first time.

Even though there are lots of difficult movements ...

It was hard… but I have to say

It was thanks to everyone’s work, that things shaped properly…..

Indeed… I was truly impressed.

This work, won’t be a 6-Man, or a 7 Man formation,

It will be a 14 People-Formation MV.

I think, after the edition, which starts now,

it will become an even more wonderful work.

All WORLD ORDER Fans, and all SKE Fans…

We and them One “Shape”, we’ll be holding our excitement until the work’s completion.


SKE48 : Second Album [Revolutionary Hill]

Please stay tuned…

A new week's slippery long start ...

To my fellow dancers who were involved again, and to the staff, thank you very much.

(Back to normal from here on...)

Your name...( Reference to the Movie Title)


(58th day of 2017)

[…Go … getting crushed]

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week

Morning, the sky is cloudy; the clouds fade away little by little ...Chilly air… mid winter…

Today at last, I could go to pick it up, My “Individual Number Card”

And, I got to ride a bicycle after a long time...

Somehow... a long time has passed, the pedals felt heavy

I felt like I was not much moving forward… though, it should be easy... A strange feeling.

Walking just felt easier.

Why on earth…

Tried to use Slang after a long time

And yet that was not slang at all (*´∀` )” aha

“The Wind Rises”

The scene that makes me cry the most… (picture)

Honestly, an indisputably interesting work!

I have to say, I really felt the wind of love

A beautiful movie, I felt.

I hope everyone will have a gentle wind blowing week ...


(59th day of 2017)

[Excuse… Mr. Egg… seems fine… has no cracks…]

Today, I think I’ll have a Cheese Steamed Bun, only…

It sort of look like Hokkaido,

or a Manta bitten by a Shark

that I thought…

Cheese steamed bread…

I want to leave the Hokkaido shape…

I'm eating it after a long while

Hasn’t changed a bit, since my high-school times…

It’s amazing that it doesn’t change...

I can not change myself,

I want to transform into various characters...

Fully alive, or who are out alone in my mind.

Only in my mind... living in a dream, because... in our dreams we're free to live as we please…

Everyone, let’s live every day to the fullest,

Everyone, no matter what you call great, You’re the leading character in your Life

Let’s live warmly, otherwise is a waste…

To your own treasure hunt adventure, Let’s sail off!!


(60th day of 2017)


This morning, the air is chilly

Before I realized, March has started…

Today, the weather just got worse…

It went on until the evening…

Just… in the night it started to rain

The little dust around the entrance was a bit swept…

and that stream was also sweeping the Toilet

At the end, the water spilled

eFor some reason, it flushed twice and spilled.

It became a water fountain in an instant

The water from the Toilet overflew until the entrance,

it seems

Nothing was drained away,

but still iiiiiii….

Whyy on eeaarth?...

At great trouble, I got it clean

But at the end the water seemed to spread out…


In a hurry, I tossed Toilet Paper on it

Dissolving… the Toilet paper just dissolved, of course

You could call it, a case to cry in despair…

And as it seems, the decoration on the wall, with a certain person’s face

Also fell down…

But, that water stream… here in the bathroom

Whoooa (T▽T;●) it was spooky…

I thought… a Gremlin would jump out any second…

The truth remains a mystery…