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Eating, drinking, running...

​Do you enjoy watching the new song, "SINGULARITY"?

And what do you think the meaning of the running at the end?

Befor​e​ that, you were surprised by the running, weren't you?

Please think about it, even if each person finds a different answer.

By the way, it is YUSUKE's Birthday, today!

Probably, he could have rushed around here and there, in return for Valentine's Day.

I'm sure for you also,. |д゚) *quick glance*

After the VR shooting of TISSOT the other day, we drunk champagne and I went home slightly tipsy

Let me write one more thing.

I got a book of YOSHIHARU DOI the other day. I was surprised because I was just interested in him recently. Various people have talked about the importance of food but it was interesting because he talked in the viewpoint of the cook.

In this book, as the title, there is a suggestion ICHIJU-ISSAI (which means one bo​w​l of soup and one side dish) is enough. I usually eat rice and Miso soup well but less side dish like ICHIJU-ISSAI.

On the other hand, I choose proper things which are foods to use, rice, miso, and seasonings.

I use things which make my health good such as natural salt (recognitions natural salt fixes the health and salt of mass production damages the health. It seems the same recognition in natural cure and oriental medicine.) and Miso (which I make by myself or is made with natural ingredients and natural way to cook.). And I don't push myself to eat when I get out of shape because I use my energy to cure my body not to digest. Even if I can eat, I don't mind about this and that health controlling method, but I believe in the power of the food itself and eat. And I keep it in mind not to become stressed out of a sen​s​e of obligation that I have to do this!

Looking back, After the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami was a big opportunity for me, to begin to have the sense of values like this, to have begun to work on a field and rice field. I have been encouraged by figures of victims to live powerfully in hard times.

There are people who are far from their hometown and live separately from their families in the whole country. I want this country to be not hard to live in, and that they are able to act freely and live without fear of revealing their hometown.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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