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Cheer Japan and the World

Good Morning in many, many languages.


It is the start of a new week.

Waited for a long time and today is Monday ...

Please watch it over and over again and discover various things

and enjoy the moments you can laugh and giggle!I

f there were such companies ...

I certainly would like to take an interview

I would be lucky, if I could join the company ... (\ * '∀ `) /" !!!

I do not need a salary ... I do not need it ... I do not need it ... I need 100 yen! (LOL) (TДT ●;) "

Please enjoy everyone as a member of this company!

PS: We saw the Video from a Fan of SKE 48, who made a introduction of the members,

who participated this time... They are loved ...

At the end...

"Thank you for the collaboration, again"


Like wise!!!

Thank you very much for watching a new music video [SINGULARITY].

It will be nice if you can collaborate again.

I hope to see you again.(_ _ ●)”ペコリ

(Fragment also in English on the original Diary)

【 Your Name... a miracle of seconds】


(65th day of 2017)

[Gogogogogogogo.... 3..]

The start of a new week.

The air is cold this morning and it’s a rainy Monday

I left from Ginza today as well ...

Today I can’t expect a beautiful sunset, even for a little bit, though..

The sky around 6 o’clock was pink and in gentle colours.

Today, I suddenly got glasses from Genki san...

Besides, what wonderful glasses.

Co .. Cool ... Way too cool...

No matter what clothes I wear,

I look like a thief in fashion... Lovely glasses .. It's a high quality !!!

Surprisingly surprising Monday...

I was surprised enough to rain.

I will use them carefully.

Thank you !!! ( _ _ ●)”


(66th day of 2017)

[Ah ... ah ...]

Today I purchased four tofu, because we film tomorrow from early in the morning,

I may be late, so today may be Miso soup.

Today seems cold. Tomorrow as well ... Everyone, I hope nobody gets a cold...

Tomorrow departure 4:30... Please no rain ...

I look forward to the people of our trip ...

I will sleep well, I will prepare for tomorrow!


(67th day of 2017)


Today is Genki's Birthday, congratulations!!!

I wish you luck not to be injured,

I wish you a wonderful year ...

I got up at 2:00 am this morning... I'm preparing, preparing...

I think... I cannot move out to the bathroom ..

I woke up surpringsly in the cold air and then I could look fine,

and now I was preparing, it's still dark at my Departure...

When you open the entrance and cool wind, The stars are shining beautifully.

Today I will work hard from early morning!

Dressing room at daytime... Everyone was sleepy and therefore silently spending time...

Tomizo painting depicting one person drawing towards the white board ...

What the? Quietly laughing a lot...

Everyone who came to visit us...

a short time... Thank you very much.

I wish you not to have a cold ...

After that, the shooting continued ...

the shooting scene and the scenery outside

were completely transformed into a beautiful

and vibrant atmosphere

And ... I forgot my suit in the backyard and came home...

Johnny came to me ...

Johnny, Thank you very much !!!

I wish it will be a nice TISSOT work following the first work ...

but I realized that VR video shooting is actually difficult ...

It's really amazing to watch, and it's fascinating and fun !!!

Everyone please look forward to the New MV & TISSOT VR MV (*´∀`))”


(68th day of 2017)


Early in the morning, Brr Brrr

I fell asleep without covering myself up in the futon ...

It is cold this morning ...

But the sky was clear blue and the sun was shining.I put chicken bread into the oven and it was really tasty ... amazing !!!

Thank you very much!!!

Again, I saw a picture of the painting Tomizo drew on the whiteboard yesterday and laughed ... Ok, tomorrow ...

Let's buy a Manga Tarou work.

The lady who seems to appear in Luffy and Taro manga work ...

the picture which I painted.

I hope, that the impact of the pictures can be shown in the art exhibition.


(69th day of 2017)


The air was cold and chilly again this morning.

I was listening carefully to the small footsteps outside of my bathroom, and a sparrow showed up in front of me….

but he flew away quickly after he titled his head…

I wish he stayed longer…

Today, I rented a DVD titled Chinyuki, and I bought a book named Crime and Punishment by Manga Tarou for 200 yen at the used-book store….

The front cover looks a little weird.. so I was shy at the cash register….

The contents are...even more shocking…. What was that…

I will not recommend that to anybody… and also I do not want to tell anybody that I read that.

In a sense, it was something..

but horrible…

Manga Tarou... how incredible...

I lost... my...appetite…

For women, please do not read that comic!!!!!!!!

For men, you can read it with caution.

Just kidding…. I am going to have a bowl of salad tonight...

No way….


(70th day of 2017)

(Close your eyes, feel the moments that we live now…

Try to live with a warm heart…The warm, gentle wind surely blows somewhere far from the end of sky and watches over us…. reaches wherever we are…

let’s feel it… let’s live for today... feel the wind blowing…)

[I saw that. The miracle has happened in a few seconds…. Thank you…. Timeless whale (Pochi) ]

May many gentle winds blow….


(71st day of 2017)

[Shi shi shi shi shi….]

WORLD ORDER music video has been released. 6 years ago, MACHINE CIVILIZATION was released around the same time. On the 70th day of 2017,

I hope all the people smiling in the video will cheer up the viewers...

May our Music Video cheer up Japan….and cheer up the world….

May many gentle winds blow….

OK, Let’s go on an adventure!!!

Great work, everyone, for last week.

The day we have been waiting for has come...

May each day and each hour of the new week

be filled with peace and warmth as usual…

May a gentle wind always blow softly into everyone's heart…

It is going to be okay,

it is going to be alright.

The wind has blown.

Let’s live!!!\(´∀`●\”)”

【Remember to keep kindness and a warm heart. May a smiling wind blow throughout the world…It is going to be okay, we’ll make it to tomorrow!!】

For the new week…

Standing strong,

let’s live tomorrow….

Off we go.

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Kindly Translated by: Niki and Hiromi. (Thanks a lot!)

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