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Cheer Japan and the World

Good Morning in many, many languages.


It is the start of a new week.

Waited for a long time and today is Monday ...


Please watch it over and over again and discover various things

and enjoy the moments you can laugh and giggle!I

f there were such companies ...

I certainly would like to take an interview

I would be lucky, if I could join the company ... (\ * '∀ `) /" !!!

I do not need a salary ... I do not need it ... I do not need it ... I need 100 yen! (LOL) (TДT ●;) "

Please enjoy everyone as a member of this company!

PS: We saw the Video from a Fan of SKE 48, who made a introduction of the members,

who participated this time... They are loved ...

At the end...

"Thank you for the collaboration, again"


Like wise!!!

Thank you very much for watching a new music video [SINGULARITY].

It will be nice if you can collaborate again.

I hope to see you again.(_ _ ●)”ペコリ

(Fragment also in English on the original Diary)

【 Your Name... a miracle of seconds】


(65th day of 2017)

[Gogogogogogogo.... 3..]

The start of a new week.

The air is cold this morning and it’s a rainy Monday

I left from Ginza today as well ...

Today I can’t expect a beautiful sunset, even for a little bit, though..

The sky around 6 o’clock was pink and in gentle colours.

Today, I suddenly got glasses from Genki san...

Besides, what wonderful glasses.

Co .. Cool ... Way too cool...

No matter what clothes I wear,

I look like a thief in fashion... Lovely glasses .. It's a high quality !!!

Surprisingly surprising Monday...

I was surprised enough to rain.

I will use them carefully.

Thank you !!! ( _ _ ●)”


(66th day of 2017)

[Ah ... ah ...]

Today I purchased four tofu, because we film tomorrow from early in the morning,

I may be late, so today may be Miso soup.

Today seems cold. Tomorrow as well ... Everyone, I hope nobody gets a cold...

Tomorrow departure 4:30... Please no rain ...

I look forward to the people of our trip ...

I will sleep well, I will prepare for tomorrow!