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Keeping the flavour

I think when you hear the Number '35', most people associate it with '3.5 billion' ** (LOL), but actually,

I became 35 years old the other day.

Early on, we were able to welcome the 8th. Anniversary of the formation of WORLD ORDER.

I will not forget the feelings at the beginning of the formation, and I will continue to devote everyday.

Do I want to eat a New Chewing-Gum? **

No. I am the kind of guy who keeps eating the same gum flavor for everlasting days!


Yusuke Morisawa

** Reference to a currently very popular Comedy-Sketch. Main Plot here:

"Kumi, work, work

What? You can't concentrate on your job because you can't forget about your ex-boyfriend!?

Bad woman

OK, I have a question! Do you keep chewing a gum without taste forever?"...

Do you want to chew new gum?"

Men are the same as gums! No taste, get another gum!...

Do you know how many Men are on the planet?...

3.5 billion..."

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Special Thanks to taro for explaining the Meaning of this Diary!

Text translated by: Ani,


and : Rikaikun extension for Google Chrome

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