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New Project

The other day, I got a message from an interpreter I got along with, after working together in the performance in Taiwan, saying "Bought a Blu-ray of WORKING WORLD. It was so fun."

Having a chance to work together, and to be supported by such people. It's very fortunate and I'm happy about that. I feel motivated like "I'll have to do my best again!"

Speaking of doing my best, about the new project I spoke of on Twitter lately, it was decided that Ucchyi-san, Yusuke-san and I, three of us will do it, and I'm doing my best at it, too.

I'm thinking about making it very challenging, mixing with a new approach.

Personally, I've been blessed with chances at a gym facility these days, which allows me to do the training, or rather the practicing.

I learn a lot from seeing the gymnasts' simple and delicate movements. I don't do gymnastics but they are really useful for acrobats, and I'm grateful for getting accepted despite doing different things from gymnastics.

I practiced a wall flip the other day. I became able to turn easier as a result of changing my consciousness, referring to the way gymnasts opened their bodies.

I think it's not so difficult to learn something if the person can have such attitude.


Takashi Jonishi

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