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A strange Miso Soup

Good Morning in many, many languages.


I thought about the start of a new week,

but this week is also the last of this month

How fast it went…

Your Name...】(Reference to the Film)


(79th day of 2017)

['Kumadamon!'.... what?!]

Starting with Monday, it’s a holiday.

The weather is the same as Sunday, it’s nice.

I bought steamed bread to eat today.

Sitting for hours in the house, until I realized how untidy it was...

My knees felt “stupid” after the work

All I can do is clutter… no time though…

I'll give my best!!

I wish for everybody in this new week, warm and calm days and time.


(80th day of 2017)

[Ah... It's you…]

It was raining the whole day…

It was a little bit cold.

From today, I appreciate everybody who works.

Those who are free today, I wish you have a calm day listening to the sound of the rain…

I somehow like to rest while it rains. Staying at home… I felt assured.

I wore heavy clothes today, I got sweaty, when I entered the building…

It’s difficult around this time.


(81st day of 2017)

[Come, get on my back…There is no time before the sun sets…]

Today's also raining like yesterday.

Let’s make miso soup today…

I discovered a strange fish-paste cake… Karamucho Chikuwa

(TN: Name of the brand)

well, I buy it…

I made the Miso soup stinky…

'Uhhh' (T▽T●;)” A big failure…

By no means is this a miso soup…

After that…I tried many things to make it somehow tasty, but it became a mud-colored Miso soup…

I somehow felt like a witch…

I am sorry to waste food…


(82nd day of 2017)

[When the sun sets…you will be a shadow of the past world…before that, go to the ridge on the hill]

The weather became normal today. But, it was still a little bit chilly…What a place

Today was the WBC final game…America’s first victory…

but Puerto Rico was wonderful.

Next is after the Tokyo Olympics…

Let's eat boiled steamed bread... steamed cheese bread...

as I thought, will become…

Hokkaido (゜・゜●)”



(83rd day of 2017)

[O..OK..! Let’s go back to the city that you saved… To the new present time!]

There was a calm sky; it was a little bit cold in the morning, but we had fine weather today again. Today’s bread had a whole potato in it. I ate the potato with salt sprinkled top.

That was so good, as usual…

By the way, recently, I am not eating enough vegetables…

I don’t like vegetables, so I bought 3 packs of vegetable juice instead… Buy vegetables!!

Yes, sir \(゜ロ゜)!!!

I am wondering how Kisenosato is doing….

I am worrying about his left shoulder….



(84th day of 2017)

[Ring the time bell...] I posted the wrong picture by mistake, because they looked alike….Oops!

We had nice weather and the sunset was beautiful, but the wind was a little bit cold…

I have been worried about Kisenosato…. since yesterday’s injuries...

He is going to continue in the tournament… I hope he is okay… For his fans and people who are supporting him…

he was standing on the ring with a fighting spirit…

He seemed to be having a hard time, but… He is an honorable man!!!


(85th day of 2017)

[Come on, we don’t have enough time left...Off you go...]

Oh no….I did it again...

I posted the wrong picture again by mistake….

It started raining last night.

The air was shivering cold this morning…. Cold…

Cold weather makes me want to eat ice cream….(゜▽゜*)”

wow When I opened the lid on my ice cream, I found a smiling Pacman’s face on it…

Today, Kisenosato won a tearful come-from-behind victory…

I also like Terunofuji, so I would be happy for either winner.

With the support of his fans, bearing the pain of his shoulder, he won. Kisenosato’s tears made me cry too…

And also, on today’s SASUKE, unfortunately, Joony failed on the first stage. However, I am so proud that he made it that far, even though it was only his first time!

I hope he tries again next time. Please keep cheering for him!!!

Great work everyone, for last week.

Let's also do our best for the new week starting tomorrow.

For the new week, the new month, for upcoming April:

May each day and each hour of the new week

be filled with peace and warmth as usual…

May a gentle wind carry cherry blossom petals

softly into everyone's heart…

It is going to be okay,

it is going to be alright.

The wind has blown.

Let’s live!!!\(´∀`●\”)

【Remember to keep kindness and a warm heart.

May a smiling wind blow throughout the world…

It is going to be okay, we’ll make it to tomorrow!!】

For the new week…

For the new month…

with warm feelings….

Off we go!!!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Kindly Translated by: Niki and Hiromi. (Thanks a lot!)

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