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Mysteries of the Body

Gradually, the Cherry blossoms are starting to bloom. The cherry-blossom viewing this weekend seems to be exciting, but it seems to be getting cold during the weekend, so please just keep warm against the cold weather. (^ ^)

I had a sprained ankle on Tuesday. . .

Having been ordered to stop the training, now it's the time when I don't know what to do.

The day I sprained, I was feeling pretty well, so I seem to have gone too far and beyond my limits. Recently, my skills have increasingly improved in a short time, so I suppose the injury may be because I didn't rest up.

The body is mysterious; it can read between the lines.

From the day after having sprained on, I decided to rest my body, and since that day, various places in the body were saying: "I could not tell you until now, but actually, I get hurt."

Claiming this, How could I get up this morning at all? (laugh)

It’s actually not funny.