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Starting School

Good Morning in many, many languages.


This week, we had many warm days

However… the wind was blowing strongly…

On the weekend, warm rain fell down,

It were days of many clouds

Cherry trees are already full of blossoms,

but gradually, the petals start to scatter…


(93rd day of 2017)

A Picture of myself, taken at the time I entered school,

My expression is hard… somehow like the white child

from “The Grudge” (Ju-on)

And, the Drawing Ryosuke did from NiiNii

It seems to be a “Pear Niinii” ..

and I become completely the opposite… (LOL))

Today, the evening sky is vividly clear, I hope we will have nice weather tomorrow too…



(94th day of 2017)

Today we have again blue Skies and nice weather.

We cut Cherry Blossom petals out of coloured paper…

Afterwards… Ryosuke’s Masterpiece: “Mango Ryosuke”

Mango, my favorite fruit…

that’s stylish…

And once again, I ate Hokkaido.


(95th day of 2017)

Today, nice weather too.

And it became really warm… cheerful spring weather.

From the Station, beautiful blooming Sakura can be seen,

being bathed by sunlight.

This morning, it was Ryosuke’s School Entrance Ceremony, before I departed.

Made a Picture with his Sparkling 'Randoseru' upon his shoulders

and “High-Fived” him as he set off…

May he be able to make 100 new Friends!

and be a vigorous and healthy Elementary student.

May it be…


(96th day of 2017)

It is a warm, blue sky, but the wind is blowing strongly this morning.

I had potato bread again.

And, I was watching the program I recorded the other day because I heard Sammo Hung is on TV….. Yes, that was him.


Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao…… Oh no, it makes me want to watch their movies again…..

No, no(●ノд<) I don’t have enough time before our ART show…

Anyway, Sammo Hung still looks young and great!!!