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A tasty ART

WORLD ORDER’s ART Exhibition will be held this May as well.

Every year, an Atelier is rented, where the WORLD ORDER Members can display their specialty fields.

This year I would like to have everyone eat chocolate.

There is a limit to the amount that can be made in one day, and still now, there are many uncertainties and anxiety of failure, but after several months of trial and error, I’m going to display this Chocolate at the ART Exhibition next month.

To those of you who are interested, I would be pleased if you could visit us. ^ - ^

Venue: 'Bumpodo Gallery' Kanda – Jimbochô

Dates: May 1st. (Monday) - May 6th. (Sat) 12 00 - 18 30*

* Saturday 6th Closes at 17:00


Yusuke Morisawa

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Text translated by: Ani,


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