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Handwriting improvement

The other day, it was the release of our VR Video, which is a collaboration with watchmaker TISSOT, and I had the opportunity to perform some dance in front of our supporters at the "RekoChoku" headquarters!

I was very glad that I could dance for you for the first time in a while (^^)

To tell the truth, I had some pain in my neck and I hadn't danced for some time, so I felt nervous, LOL.

It was a straight neck. Take care not to use your smartphone so long, everyone, LOL.

And ''The party for your Name's handwriting practice" took place in the spare time between the events.

Because I'm not good at handwriting at all, I took a lesson from Genki-san. It was really helpful for me. Since then, I've practiced a bit at home, LOL.

I admire the people with good-hand-writing. How he/she writes shows his/her personality, doesn't it?Well, if we could write like fonts, handwriting analysis wouldn't work then...

Thinking of those non-sense things, I'm trying to improve how I write.

Friday is such a serious feeling!

Everyone, here comes the Spring. Enjoy!




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