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Beneath the Suit

In this kind of season in Japan, where the weather can be warm one moment and chilly the next, making clothes choice difficult, I pushed myself to go to the Harsha exhibition in Roppongi.

A certain Indian artist expressed current problems in India in his work. That was very interesting.

Those problems showed the unique Indian thought. So it made me think about itself.

And there are people in Suits in it, a symbol that expresses the modern people. Somehow they look a little bit like us. LOL.

I've recognized that a good thing about WORLD ORDER, is the concept of impersonality of people in Suits, which is Genki-san's idea in the first place.

You don't know who is who at first sight, and you will know as you see them repeatedly.

Our team needs to be like that, I thought now after all this time. LOL We wear suits for that LOL

And since I unusually talked a lot, I'd like to end this week.



Tomita Ryuta

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