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Let's talk


When I come here, it's reassuring that I can see people doing various actions.

In Japan, it's said that there are very few people who have consciousness to consider for environment and animals but it increases little by little. I feel great for particularly young people doing it, compared to my young days.

I think it's a little difficult for few people to act with consciousness in many cases even if it's not really difficult to do it. For example, if you think "I want to buy organic and additive-free things" or "I want to choose things in consideration for lives and raising environment of animals", you can't find choices nearby. As i saw little kids at the event, I described the coming times of "the commonplace".

It's still the times of the change now.

Let's enjoy that inconvenience.

By the way, the column I write in the Monthly Niigata Komachi, passed one year with the current issue.

Looking back, my elder brother, who had no relation with Komachi, told me about the column from an unexpected connection. (The chief editor offered me formally afterwards.)

I was glad because I wanted to connect with my hometown, but on the other hand, it was pressure to write sentences as work.

It's given me a headache for a week or two, or three when many, every month. I did it somehow to summarize and reduce what I want to say in the number of decided letters.

My efforts paid off and an unexpected person in my hometown read it, I got information of Niigata by reading the magazine and I had something glad. It was really good to continue it.

Thank you very much, people who read.

And it seems it's finished but I will write it in the second year. It will be a different development from until now so please read it.

I will be at the ART exhibition aimlessly next week like in the past so let's talk, everyone.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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