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Busy Bees & expensive Candy

Good Morning in many, many languages.


Here, the Cherry Blossoms in the Trees

have turned completely into leaves…

The ones still remaining on the branches,

will also be blown by the wind, sometime this week…

Until next year… \(゜^゜●)゛


(107th day of 2017)

Some years ago, on a strong wind's day, the fragments of a squashed Honeycomb, under the eaves of the Roof, were visible from the Bathroom’s window.

This morning, I see a Paper Wasp going back and forth,

I wonder if she makes

preparations for a new Nest…

Today too, we have nice weather, the sky is completely

full of clouds…

Today we work in a Hotel

close to Disneyland…

Except for work, I never have the chance to come back here…

Today, near Disneyland

I rode for the first time on a Bus that caught my eye…

Inside everything, from the Straps, until the seats, was like Mickey…

As I got back home late at night, it was raining…

May this new week too,

be filled with warm days.


(108th day of 2017)

Mrs. Lee, who helped us as interpreter in Taiwan,

sent me a Protection Amulet


I heated the pastries I received,

in the Oven, Yo!

Today, the rain from last night, turned into nice weather.

Then, again I cut 6 Cucumbers, and had them as crunchy night snack.


(109th day of 2017)

Today it is hot again… even wearing a single T-shirt, it’s OK. Soy sauce-Miso-Mayo and Cucumber ‘Donburi’

So absolutely delicious...

I could barely stop...

Today in the evening, when the usual sort of ‘Police-24h Victims of Fraud’ comes on TV, try not to watch…It can make you angry.

I happened to watch the ‘Victims of Fraud’ on TV at night...

I got angry and broke the chopsticks ...

Recently, with the work for the ART Exhibition, the Grip strength of my Right hand, I wonder…

they were strong Chopsticks and still…

How in earth could they break…?

So ... It seems I can’t watch .

The Chopsticks I had been using for so long time… sorry

That’s reality …


Then, in the middle of the night,

I baked a frozen Taiyaki and had some Tea, to heal my heart and settle my mind.


(110th day of 2017)

It was a little chilly Thursday.

The sky was blue and we had clear weather today.

It seemed to turn back to spring weather today.

However, it was still chilly in the morning and night.

Our Art exhibition is just around the corner….(;゜ロ゜○;)”

I have to do my best….

Keep it up, Keep it up!

I bought bread that is shaped like some pirate’s hat…

That was delicious!! (゜ロ゜●)”

I also had chicken with Miso-Mayo-Soy sauce-Ichimi cucumber….

That was good!


(111th day of 2017)

Today is the 111th day of 2017. There were white clouds in the sky, and it was not too hot, not too cold… nice weather today.

I had a cheese tart again today.

And… this morning again, the paper wasp is working hard as usual under the eaves.

I'm wondering what she's doing… She is such a hard worker…

We had a rehearsal today, and after that, Ma-Kun took our pictures for our ART Exhibition.

I am looking forward to seeing our pictures. We hope you look forward to it too...

I lost my coin wallet after I got off the bus today. I hurried back to the bus stop and I found it...

my ragged coin wallet, this was the second time to be lost and found…. Phew!!

After I got home, on my way to the grocery store to buy some tofu, I saw Ryosuke….

He said he wanted to come with me!

So we went to My Basket (grocery store) holding hands.

He put his snacks and ice cream to my shopping cart…

By the way, why are snacks with prizes so expensive?

They are like ¥300 each… Nini’s (my) tofu is only ¥39.

He got another snack and the total was about ¥1000. Wow!!

He gave me chocolate that cost the same as my tofu…

But I was surprised how expensive kids’ snacks are these days.

When I was a kid, we went to the penny candy store

with ¥100 in my hand and I bought candy and ice cream

that was only ¥10 or ¥30 each. I

guess we can’t buy anything good with only ¥100 these days…..

That penny candy store brings back memories…


(112th day of 2017)

Recently I have been checking the Wasp nest every morning…

If I had a summer vacation research project, this would be perfect research…

The queen of the paper wasps seems to start building their nest all by herself in the middle of May…

So that means the one I have been watching is the queen wasp (・。・●) I see…

She has been doing her best…Recently she doesn’t fly away and usually just stays still. It is starting to look more like the shape of a wasp nest….

I also have to do my best and keep pushing myself a bit for our ART Exhibition!

We had rain tonight… I made Daikon radish and tofu miso soup and bean sprouts and chicken stir fry… They were delicious.

I hope everyone enjoys the sounds of rain and has a relaxing night. Have a heartwarming weekend everyone...


(992nd day of 2017)

We had a clear weather today. The queen of paper wasp seems to be fine as usual.

Recently, I have been watching the video about a battle-plane that flies really low on Youtube right before I go to bed.

Wow, that is something.


And… I fall asleep while watching….

Battle-planes… they are really awesome.

(゜ο゜)…(・。・)…( ´ – `)…

(- . – ●)zzZ

There are lots of type of aircrafts that I don’t know yet… like the ones which stop in the air and land like helicopters…. Or like, fly on the water super faster…

I hope next week will be warm as well…

First of all, we have the ART Exhibition, and then, the Fan Tour is coming up….

Let’s enjoy the days before summer comes.

Great work, everyone.

May each day and each hour of the new week

be filled with peace and warmth as usual…

May a gentle wind blow softly into everyone's heart…

It is going to be okay,

it is going to be alright.

The wind has blown!

Let’s live!! (ノ*´∀`)ノ”

【Remember to keep kindness and a warm heart.

May a smiling wind blow throughout the world…

It is going to be okay, we will be there for each other!!】

For the new week…

Take a deep breath….

With warm feelings….

Off we go!!!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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