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The soul which begins to dance

In the Japan Academy Film Prize, the movie, "Hot Love That Boils Hot Water", was nominated for Picture of the year, Director of the year, Screenplay of the year and Newcomer of the year, and won the Outstanding performance by an actress in a leading role, and Outstanding performance by an actress in a supporting role.

As I, who watched the movie, I am satisfied it won the prizes. (Diary 21st. Feb. 2017)

I was fraught with great emotion by the strength of the heroine, played by Rie Miyazawa,

Speaking of Rie Miyazawa, the movie, "Pale Moon", was very good, too.

By the way, the liquor I'm interested in is YANATORI. The label and the bottle are wonderful.

There are some kinds. This is the picture of Dolce-Rosso of Senkin which is made from wine yeast. Nature-Six, which is made from yeast with the natural storehouse, is very delicious.

I drink "Modern series" and basically all is really delicious. I like Nature-Six the best.

The liquor of the natural system has special acidity, and I love acidity !

The Monthly Niigata Komachi has been published!

This time, I wrote about hiking. When I walk in the snow, I am comfortable with the clear air but it will be warm from now on so I'll feel comfortable surrounded in green.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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