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Chocolate behind the Scenes

Thank you for coming to the ART Exhibition last week.

As I wrote last time, I went to the venue every day, so I was able to meet many fans.

During this time, I was asked many questions about the work, and there were still many people in the venue to whom I could not answer, so I will write here about it.

First of all, as I mentioned earlier, the reason I had for making this chocolate was what my sister said once: “'Since I was a child, I had a severe Atopy. I tried various medicines but I did not get better, but when I refrained from sugar, eggs and dairy products, it improved in a blink of an eye”.

What I heard from her, was the beginning of the matter. Then, as I examine various things, there are a lot of mothers concerned about the allergies of their children to animal products such as butter and cream, and there are many people who experienced the same as my own sister.

And the other thing I learned is, that there are a lot of products that overwhelm the market. It is stated that "eggs" are not used for sweets for children, but if you look closely, they contains a large amount of shortening; the cocoa and coconut oil that I used this time are often taken up by the media as being good for the body, but most of the things which are packaged include preservatives and additives.

As you may have noticed, I think there are a lot of commercial problems behind the scenes.

As I made this chocolate, I had a lot of things to care about besides the taste itself, like the temperature at which the chocolate melts, the expiration date, hygiene management, packaging etc. And the more I worked on these, the more I felt that I would approach commercially available products.

And from the aspect of food poisoning etc. you can make safe sweets. However, I felt that, what is good for the body, and what is safe, are always located on the opposite Poles.

But this is safe (LOL) and it is very tasty.

Sweets made with butter and cream are really delicious. By including preservatives, it makes it possible to bring them to a lot of people, with their taste saved for a long time. This scenario was the greatest discovery while making this chocolate.

Unlike those sweets, the expiration date is short, and it is slightly off the taste of sweets made with butter, fresh cream and sugar, but I think I will make this original chocolate again without changing the concept. Contrary to the bitter chocolate I exhibited this time, maybe some sweet, ‘Soy-Milk White Chocolate’. It is still unknown to the world, but I will report again when it is completed. ^ - ^


Yusuke Morisawa

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