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ART & a Royal Performance

Good Morning in many, many languages.


To all the people who came,

even several times to our ART Exhibition,

really, Thank you very much.

To all those, who unfortunately could not Attend in this occasion,

I look forward to having the chance

to see your smiles again sometime.

Thank you very much.


(121st. day of 2017)

From today on, we have our ART Exhibition.

The weather was nice, with blue skies…

A dark afternoon… grey clouds concealed the blue sky, turning white in a blink of an eye…

Thunder reverberates with a «Brooom», and it starts to rain in the evening,

I wondered if it would continue

But before I knew, the sky cleared up and turned orange…

Unfortunate weather…

Thank you to all who came to the ART Exhibition today.


(122nd. day of 2017)

This morning I woke up at 5:00

and watched «Shin-Godzilla»

“Gasira” passed near my house…

Surely, from my rooftop, I could had seen “Gasira”... emiting

Beams from everywhere...

If the Beams of the X-MEN would be more powerful, I wonder.

«Gasira VS X-MEN”, coming soon… Aha.

Today, I set off to the ART Exhibition…

I was just able to stay a short time at the Venue

However, my brother also came to visit me.

Back home, I joined Miu Chan and Ryosuke in a Bikkuriman

Stone-Scissors-Paper Battle…

3 people sharing 5 Stickers each.

To all who we met today,

for the wonderful time,

really, Thank you very much.


(123rd. day of 2017)

Today, calm and not so hot spring weather

I ate Potato-Bread, Stir-fried Bean Sprouts, and a Choco-Muffin. Then...

I ate Yusuke kun’s Chocolate, which I received yesterday


Delicious!! Awfully!!

I'm impressed…


(124th day of 2017)

I went to Shibuya for the rehearsal this morning… by bus… The bus was empty…It is always crowded, but there were only five people in our bus today…

It was really quiet…. (・。・●)”

I appreciated the conductor working hard on his day off!

After the rehearsal, I went to our ART Exhibition… I met and talked to a lot of people who visited our Exhibition today.

It was a very short time, but… thank you so much.

I received a sunflower from a cute little boy. He was a little shy and did not want to be in a picture… I am wondering if he might be a future Child Order… Thank you.