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Waiting for you

Thanks to everyone who came to the WORLD ORDER ART Exhibition !

I was able to speak with many people as the receptionist (manager) and I had a good time.

So, I'm sorry for the people who I could not give enough time to talk. And I'm sorry If I could not deal with things evenly.

Anyway, I had an amazing time because I could be more close to you guys. I had many opportunities to speak as the person in charge, I think. LOL.

Well then, when will be the next time we get to see you all!?

We would love to see all those who could not attend the ART Exhibition this time!! (We, as such, will do all we can, to make that happen). Anyhow, we look forward to meeting you all.

And then, the Fan Tour is coming soon, and after that, the LIVE Shows in August will come!

Meeting again after a year, how it's going to be? We are waiting for it.. Stay tuned!!

You, who could not go to the ART Exhibition, or Fan Tour, we are waiting for you!

Though all three days are held in Tokyo and it is middle of Obon, we will do our best to show you what we are!

So I mean we are waiting for you at both fan tour and August LIVE Shows!!!

Good luck and enjoy the summer!



Ryuta Tomita

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