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Bread & Hollywood

Good Morning in many, many languages

To Michelle,Nina,Ani-san

Thank you for your heartwarming message.

Thank your for always giving my a lot of power

No matter how apart we are,we are always connected under the same sky.

I always hope your happiness.

ARIGATO!! (*´∇`*)

From Aki

(TN: Message in English also on Original Diary)

Everyone, thank you very much

for your warm messages all the time


It's Monday, the beginning of a new week

This Week, the Temperatures and Weather are making Zigzag

The hot summer is approaching from now on ...

This week, I was having Bread and drawing Actors every day…

the drawings might not have a perfect resemblance

Drawing… was difficult

The Bread… was delicious...


(128th. day of 2017)

Today we have again fine weather, though...

Is getting hot… hot and humid... even before summer...

the house is getting like a sauna… in a short while

I will get an Air- Con…

summer’s terrible…

From the bathroom, the Queen Bee can be seen, Working hard every day, under the eaves;

the umbrella part of the beehive has been shaped step by step, until a white umbrella is finished... myself ...

I’ve been going on with drawing this week…

Hollywood actors ...


(129th. day of 2017)

Today, I see many clouds in the sky... Temperatures have also fallen a little, spending peaceful weather

inside the house, it gets like a Sauna in the afternoon...

Today, I drew a certain clever Actor…

I guess you know who he is…However… when drawn with this pen, It looks a bit like a Manga…

In drawing, there are different techniques, I guess…

I’m totally clueless, but separately good. Aha.


(130th. day of 2017)

Today, from the recent heat,

it turned cold.

The Rain and the air were chilly throughout the day

Evening, the sky cleared up.

The moon was shining beautifully…

But after all... After all...

The Hazelnut-Choco Cream I received… and French Bread

This combination was beyond tasty

…………… (*´∀`)haaa ………………


(131st day of 2017)

It was a hot day again today…

We had really nice weather with a beautiful clear blue sky.

It felt so nice.

The bread I had today was good as well.

I like bread… They are yummy, after all.


(132nd day of 2017)

We had fine weather this morning again. I am wondering if it is going to be a hot day....

and...It was a hot day today.

Again, inside of my house is as hot as a sauna.

Even in this situation, I made Daikon miso soup.

I turned on stove for the soup and the oven for toasting my bread… That made me sweat.

I made my hot room even hotter…But, it is worth it to make Miso soup because it was tasty as usual.

I ate some salad and the bread….

But unfortunately, I forgot to eat the Miso soup… The bread was tasty though…