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Flower power

I can see flowers blooming anywhere now.

As waiting at a traffic light

As sitting on a bench at a park

And seeds of Sonchus oleraceus flew to my planter at home. They have grown as high as my chest before I knew it.

Flowers of radishes are blooming in my field.

And snap peas have grown.

Snap peas were so delicious! It was awesome, so delicious. It became another favorite vegetable. I was happy I was able to eat fresh-picked snap peas in my field.

I borrowed a wider field this year.

The person who borrowed the field before, seemed to grow strawberries and they remained in the field, so I'm glad about the unexpected crops.

The Fan Tour is about one month later.

Last year, I was glad there were more people than I expected to join the Early-Morning Hiking with me, but I heard "Unexpectedly hard!" under strong sunshine.

So I thought "no hiking this year?" but "The hiking will be held with requests" so let's enjoy the atmosphere of the morning together♪


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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