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I name the Objects in my house in a polite way."o-FUTON (futon)","o-FURO (bath)",

"o-HASHI (chopsticks)","o-NABE (pan)".

I usually tend to say like "FUTON",or FURO" without "O-" but when I add "O-", the word sounds refined.

Such words are called "beautification words" (more refined language through prefixing of "O-" or "Go-" to the words)". It's Japanese aesthetics.

If you add "O-" to a word which come from foreign countries, it sounds a little strange.

Ah... There it is.

"o-TOIRE" (toilet, restroom). Surely "o-TOIRE". I've heard it that way.

"o-SUMAHO" (smartphone)"I don't say it that way, but some seem to do it.

"o-CONTACT" (contact lens)" I've never heard it that way yet but there might be someone to do it in the world.

I looked for a word which was never added "O-".

"O-Champagne glass" How about that?

Please tell me if you know someone who says it that way.


Yusuke Morisawa

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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