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Clean-up Time!

It has been raining today for the first time in a while. ~

By a sudden turn from hotness of yesterday, today is cold, just a bit, but I hope everyone would take care of yourselves for not to get sick. ^ - ^

By the way, recently I have tried to feel refreshed and become clear by decluttering my house.

But... it is not too much to say, that I represent the kind of Men who cannot dump stuff, so the task has been hard, indeed. Various goods accumulate in my house, though I can't throw them away...

Do you know this?

I found it in Internet and ordered it because it looked absolutely fun! (ਊ ਊ) ☝︎ And it arrived at my house at last.

However apparently playing it by myself is not fun, so I'd enjoy it when my friends gather. No, wait?

I wonder, Would I have such a pleasant time also by myself, being someone who likes being alone relatively ? ? ?

This toy will stay still in the box as it is, until the day comes.

Goods have increased again .. Although I wish to dispose, they keep increasing...

No more!!!

Then I shall continue my cleaning.

Have a nice week.


Masato Ochiai

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Kindly Translated by: Ayumi (Thanks a lot!)

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