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Vegan Party

I had a Vegan party the other day.

It is like 'girls night out', it's a party where three guys go to a vegan restaurant.

A leader of us is my Veganism friend, Taku, who I met a while ago.

He is an expert of Jujutsu, has worked under a farmer of biodynamic agriculture, has connected with SAKUMA grass farm, and knows the place of the rice field I ever had, well. We have some things in common.

And there is K, who is shy and doesn't want to be in a photo. K is not vegan. He is a martial artist but he is very excited to go to a vegan restaurant rather than a Yakiniku restaurant with friends. He seems to be so. I'm not vegan either. They have less meat and animal food so I ask Taku about vegan restaurants.

I like Buddhist cuisine, too. It was wonderful that I had Buddhist cuisine when I stayed at the Zenko-ji Temple in Nagano.

When I go to a Vegan restaurant, the ratio of foreigners is high because it seems they look for one of the few such restaurants in Japan by guidebook.

I'm not quite sociable but the Vegan party will be fun in the future.

The bud of the morning glory, which I planted right after Golden Week, finally appeared.

It has taken more days than ever until sprouting, probably because temperatures have not been high enough and it has been chilly for days. It's said that the switch of a seed doesn't turn on until meeting a condition. As much as I worried, the bud is my joy. I'm happy to see it came out twisting and bursting the hard shell of the seed.


Hayato Uchiyama

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