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Steaming bodies...

The Sanctuary of Sauna.

I've finally been to Shikiji, Shizuoka Prefecture!

The attractions there, are a cold water bath that uses natural spring water and two saunas. Finnish sauna and herbal sauna.

It's worth mentioning that this sauna uses a huge amount of herbs imported from South Korea, and it steams. It really goes beyond the imagination.

Constant löyly remained unchanged.

However the temperature was as low as 60 ˚C (display), a waterfall of sweat began to pour my body due to the humidity. After failing to endure it, I got out of there, my body hit the natural waters falling down from the ceiling, over my burning body. Waterfall, the best waterfall.

The bath water was not so cold as 17.81 ˚C (Body sensation), but the good quality of the water and the waterfall arranged my physical and mental condition.

When the throat dries, you can drink that water. It's a drinkable bath. Water quality is too soft and that makes me smile. It's nasty, but this means that it is time to go.

People who got red by the herbal sauna, came out to take a break with smoke emanating from their bodies. It's an amazing sight.

After completion of the arrangement, I ordered a Highball and Shogayaki in a relaxation room.

The rice had a good taste. Perhaps it is cooked with natural water. Because it is soft water, it is deliciously cooked.

Here in Shikiji, all towels and clothes are washed with natural water, as it's said a sacred place.

Autographs of celebrities such as Oriental Radio's Fujimori are everywhere. I would like to give an autograph if I'm recognized as a Sauner. I had such a dream.

That was the sauna report.

PS: I was the only one who was wearing a sauna hat.

Well then, when will be the next time we get to see you all!?

We would love to see all those who could not attend the ART Exhibition this time!! (We, as such, will do all we can, to make that happen). Anyhow, we look forward to meeting you all.



Tomita Ryuta

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Kindly translated by: Michelle using: HiNative (Thanks a lot!)

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