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It was sunny day on Saturday. ^^

How hot day it was! I spent all day on short sleeve shirt and felt Summer. (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎

Then, two weeks passed after the art exhibition so I would like to look back on my works in this diary.

The first art work is this.

The rice terraces in the morning.

I went to take pics on the beginning of Spring, when the paddy was filled with water.

I made the postcards with the pic of the paddy before it was mowed.

And next is this.

At the swamp called Inba Lake. I also took it on the early morning. It was a so cold winter morning. It expressed a great beautiful water mirror without wind.

The last Landscape photo is this.

I took it at the Ibaraki prefecture. It was also early in the morning.

Actually, Mt. Tsukuba was supposed to be seen, on the bottom right, but it couldn't due to cloudy weather, so I photographed it on high key and it came up fantastically.

The next four picture are of the Kingfisher.

I took all of them in Tokyo.

I was fascinated by the Kingfisher when I found there are such beautiful birds within Tokyo.

Next two are "water" and "ice".

I photographed them when I visited a waterfall before.

The look of the was great, so I took the stream of water together with a slow shutter.

The last is this one.

I took it in Summer. A surfer came across.

Originally, the theory was, it would be photographed in horizontal position, and emphasize the sea wave and surfer, I guess. But this picture in vertical position matched somehow, although I don't use it ordinarily.

Looking back at them, I feel unskilled myself but I remember at that time. Ah... it was so

I challenged this time a style that is totally different from the one I had before.

I like lighthearted snap shots, but landscape photography or wild birds was also fun. It requires investigation of weather or seasons and photographing while aiming at it.

I was healed by simply being in the nature. I would like to visit various places from now on, too.

Then have a nice weekend! ~


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Masato Ochiai

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Kindly Translated by: Ayumi (Thanks a lot!)

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