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Looking forward

Today, there was a group lesson at the English Conversation school 'eLingo'.

When I hear ‘English Conversation School’, I have the image that there is a Textbook in order to advance, but eLingo has no textbook.

Every time, we can practice diverse Situations interactively, and we can take ‘on the fly’ notes of the lecture as well.

As we often go abroad, we were taught, how to handle meals abroad before, but today we have gotten deeper into it. Unlike Phrases you don’t know when to use, practical phrases make you feel like you can use them really fast, so you can learn quickly.


'Maybe because today's Diary is after the lesson, I feel that there are somehow many Katakana. ^ ^

I’m looking forward to the next English class. (Also in English in original Diary)


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Translated by: Ani, using Google Translate

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