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Rain season without rain

Good Morning in many, many languages

GOOD MORNING!! /(゜θ゜●\)”

Rainy season has started in many parts of the country,

However, as soon as it started, it would not rain…

After this, I wonder if we will soon reach the point

of a damp-humid full rainy day…

This week, again a Quiz… Which Movie is it??


(155th day of 2017)

Clouds in the summer colored sky...

Today the evening sky was really brilliant, however Rain fell down at night…

Monday starts with a really clear and vivid evening Sky.

I start my Monday with a Cheese Tart.

A warm week, Everyone…Drawing: Jamie Chung.


(156th day of 2017)

I start my Tuesday with a Cheese-bacon Pastry.

This time, the Cheese was a bit clogged, I think (゜◇゜●)゛Today, it is a cloudy skies Tuesday,

Although it didn’t rain, it was a heavy clouded Tuesday, the whole day long.

Today’s drawing

This Actress is even more beautiful… But I could not express it…

Drawing: Heather Graham


(157th day of 2017)

Finally, the rainy season reached the Kantô region too.

I begin my Wednesday with a Potato Pastry.

A very grey clouded Wednesday, but it didn’t rain.

The person on today’s drawing

is an actress I personally like very much !!

Drawing: Melissa McCarthy


(158th day of 2017)

The weather forecast said it was going to be a rainy day today,

but it was not; however, there were lots of clouds in the sky.

It was a comfortable, fine day.

I had a muffin and chicken nuggets today, and finally,

I finished using 1 ketchup bottle today (three more bottles left…), and I still have four more mustard bottles.

Today’s drawing is…

Do you recognize who he is? Drawing: Justin Bartha


(159th day of 2017)

Sunny day... Huh?

Sunny, rainy, sunny… what??

As soon as the rainy season began, it stopped raining…

Clear sky, beautiful sunset and… we had a full moon tonight.

I had a thick slice of bread with hazelnut cream on top…

They are so good that I feel like I can eat 1000 slices of them!!!

Today’s drawing is this person... Huh? Something is wrong here…The balance of the face is a bit off, so it looks like somebody else… Drawing is not easy…..

Drawing: Bradley Cooper


(160th day of 2017)

We had a nice sky and nice weather today again.

The wind was strong but it felt good.

I had a muffin and an end piece of bacon-cheese bread.

I hope you have a heart warmed weekend…

For today’s drawing, I had no choice but to draw this person…Drawing: Ed Helms