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Rain season without rain

Good Morning in many, many languages

GOOD MORNING!! /(゜θ゜●\)”

Rainy season has started in many parts of the country,

However, as soon as it started, it would not rain…

After this, I wonder if we will soon reach the point

of a damp-humid full rainy day…

This week, again a Quiz… Which Movie is it??


(155th day of 2017)

Clouds in the summer colored sky...

Today the evening sky was really brilliant, however Rain fell down at night…

Monday starts with a really clear and vivid evening Sky.

I start my Monday with a Cheese Tart.

A warm week, Everyone…Drawing: Jamie Chung.


(156th day of 2017)

I start my Tuesday with a Cheese-bacon Pastry.

This time, the Cheese was a bit clogged, I think (゜◇゜●)゛Today, it is a cloudy skies Tuesday,

Although it didn’t rain, it was a heavy clouded Tuesday, the whole day long.

Today’s drawing

This Actress is even more beautiful… But I could not express it…

Drawing: Heather Graham


(157th day of 2017)

Finally, the rainy season reached the Kantô region too.

I begin my Wednesday with a Potato Pastry.

A very grey clouded Wednesday, but it didn’t rain.

The person on today’s drawing

is an actress I personally like very much !!

Drawing: Melissa McCarthy


(158th day of 2017)

The weather forecast said it was going to be a rainy day today,

but it was not; however, there were lots of clouds in the sky.

It was a comfortable, fine day.

I had a muffin and chicken nuggets today, and finally,

I finished using 1 ketchup bottle today (three more bottles left…), and I still have four more mustard bottles.

Today’s drawing is…

Do you recognize who he is? Drawing: Justin Bartha


(159th day of 2017)

Sunny day... Huh?

Sunny, rainy, sunny… what??

As soon as the rainy season began, it stopped raining…

Clear sky, beautiful sunset and… we had a full moon tonight.

I had a thick slice of bread with hazelnut cream on top…

They are so good that I feel like I can eat 1000 slices of them!!!

Today’s drawing is this person... Huh? Something is wrong here…The balance of the face is a bit off, so it looks like somebody else… Drawing is not easy…..

Drawing: Bradley Cooper


(160th day of 2017)

We had a nice sky and nice weather today again.

The wind was strong but it felt good.

I had a muffin and an end piece of bacon-cheese bread.

I hope you have a heart warmed weekend…

For today’s drawing, I had no choice but to draw this person…Drawing: Ed Helms


(161st day of 2017)

I craved a crunchy curry bread and a Taiyaki today….

They are... really delicious as usual…

By the way, there is progress…. the Queen’s nest of the Paper Wasps… The new working wasps were born.

Once there are two of them, it will be dangerous..

I am wondering if the nest will be bigger all of sudden.

The nest looks like a half-eaten apple right now.

After all, there was no rain during the last half of the week, even though it is the rainy season. The nature is free…. hahaha


I have been watching “Funny Or Die” on Youtube recently, and it was funny, wasn’t it?

The last drawing for this week is this person…

Drawing: Zach Galifianakis

I am wondering if you could recognize who the person was.

It is the beginning of the week.

May each day and each hour of the new week

be filled with peace and warmth as usual…

May a gentle wind blow softly into everyone's heart…

It is going to be okay,

it is going to be alright.

The wind has blown!

Let’s live for a new week,

for a new month,

with warm feelings.!!!\(゜θ゜●\)゛

【Remember to keep kindness and a warm heart.

May a smiling wind blow throughout the world…

It is going to be okay, we will be there for each other!!】

For the new week….

Please don’t get bogged down in the damp weather!!!

Off we go!!!

The right answer is: [The Hangover] \(゜▽゜●)”

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Kindly translated by: Hiromi. (Thanks a lot!)

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