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Harvest time

I saw the cotton wool of a dandelion standing, and walking when I looked in the ground.


As I looked closely, an Ant seemed to joyfully carry the cotton wool which was several times as big as herself, while raising it high like "I found a treasure!"

When there was grass on the way, the wool was caught, but the Ant didn't look for the safe way or didn't give up. The Ant was trying hard to pull it forcibly over and over.

When I think it was impossible to go, I lifted the wool. But the Ant panicked like "Where is that?" when it suddenly disappeared. When I gave it back, the Ant raise it high and ran away.

Recently, I harvested a Glebionis coronaria, Komatsuna, Kohlrabi, Okanori (Variety of Malva verticillata) and garlic in my field. I did a little of each because it was a small field.

There are some vegetables growing up for summer so my pleasure goes on.

The Glebionis coroaria bloomed.

When I work in my field, a Ladybug, which has rare design, sometimes takes a rest on my hand for a while.

It's finally FAN TOUR this weekend.

If you go the early-morning hiking, I think you better have a cap and a towel which can protect your head and neck from strong sunshine, and some water to drink.

It's a Road which is easy to walk but you will climb up for 30 to 40 minutes, so you can suppress the consumption of your physical strength when you wear shoes (sneakers) which are easy to walk.

If you can't go, you better climb up the mountain called Uchiyama in your mind.

"What?...could you tell me the story concretely?"

ε=ε=┌(・∀・)┘ hihi


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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