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Specialty of the Day

Last week, the summer came! I wrote about it in the Diary, but I have felt the rainy season in earnest these days. It deprives us of the physical strength, how humid it is, doesn't it?

I thought of survive such time with a high-ball from the Sauna, but instead, I drank a beer after a long time.

Good... A beer after a long time is refreshing for the throat, isn't it?

I still come to want a beer when it's hot. LOL. I think there are more craft beer shops these days.

Third wave has being around for Coffee, something from which you can feel Specialty is going around now.

The bus tour starting from tomorrow. The tour, from which you can feel the Specialty.

I wonder if it's going to be as popular.

Don't miss it.




Ryuta Tomita

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