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Smiles and sore muscles...

Jiiji’s big muscle pain

Good Morning in many, many languages

GOOD MORNING!! \(゜◇゜●)”

The Fan Tour has ended successfully.

For the warm hours spent, sincerely ...

Thank you very much.

To those who cheered us from faraway places,

to, everyone, these were 2 lovely days.

I wonder if our voices have reached all our friends. (゜▽゜●)


(163rd day of 2017)

This morning, clear sky was visible from the gap in the clouds, but late at night, it started to rain. The night became cool and a bit chilly.

I wonder if it will rain tomorrow…

This week, a bit nostalgic about these gentlemen.

Do you know them?


(164th day of 2017)

It has been raining heavily since this morning

Some rain at last, since the start of the Rainy season.

Today, the temperatures didn’t reach the 20°C. It was cool outside, but in the Bus and the train, it was hot and damp.

Quite humid weather it was.


(165th day of 2017)

The rain last night, made the air cool down.

In the morning it was again chilly… after long time…

Everyone, let’s take care not to catch a cold…

This morning is full of clouds

But hot sunshine was peeking out during the day, and it was warmer than yesterday


(166th day of 2017)

There were lots of clouds in the sky, and it wasn’t clear the whole day today.

Huh?.. The nest of the paper wasps.. There are more working wasps now.. Maybe six of them?

I feel sorry for the queen, but I should get rid of the nest sometime soon….

Sorry, Queen…