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Ice and burning Sky

Good Morning in many, many languages

GOOD MORNING!! \(゜◇゜●)”

Since when are the days going crazy?

This week, the sky let the rain it had been holding up,

out in a big crying-storm, in one single day.

Nature’s mood can’t be controlled…

The Portraits were:

Monday: Al Pacino

Tuesday: James Dean

Wednesday: Sean Connery

Thursday: Clint Eastwood

Friday: PeterFalk

This week, again a Movie Quiz: Which Film is it?


(170th day of 2017)

The body is ... sore,

muscle pain ...

All joints are like frozen this Monday… or so it feels…

Everyone seems to be the same...

Having muscle pain and warm memories.

Let's do our best at the start of the Monday !!


(171st day of 2017)

A gentle light blue sky, also today

It looks like good weather

Yesterday as reward, I had an Ice Cream; I rarely eat 'Hagen Dazs',

I got this one and ate it with one day delay. Strawberry is my absolute favorite flavor.

If Caramel or Cheesecake,

I wonder…

Everyone, which one might your favorite flavor be?