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Sending out a dream

"What kind of artists do you want to collaborate with?"

During the WORLD ORDER Fan Tour the other day, I was asked this question by a fan, while on the bus.

The other Members in the Bus with me were Ucchy and Tomizo, and after arguing for a while, all 3 agreed on the answer: “KRAFTWERK”.

KRAFTWERK is a German Artist who has been active since the 1970’s and has written History in the field of Electronic Music.

I started dancing in 2000, about 17 years ago, but since that time, I was practicing Dance while listening to Kraftwerk 's "Numbers", "Tour de France", The robots" etc.

At that time, I listened to music in Cassette Tapes, then I switched to CD player, MD, MP3 player and now Smartphone, there has not been a day in the past, where my player has not contained their songs.

With this fondness for KRAFTWERK, I searched and found some LIVE Images on YouTube

Their Show is Simple, yet surreal, and some of the themes in their Songs are made to be thoughtful, but in the old days, their Videos use to include robotic dances. And while I was looking at all the variety of their Videos, the thought which has started in the Bus, turned into conviction:

“I want to collaborate with KRAFTWERK!”

For this Big dream, my voice might be too small. And even if it reaches them, the possibility of being accepted is extremely low. And yet I’m happy just by holding this dream. I even get goosebumps just by thinking to stand on the same Stage. Someone said, Dreams are to be spoken out. It might be true, so then let’s send this one out!

We would like to collaborate with Kraftwerk!!


Yusuke Morisawa

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